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The two measures that remain relevant – efficiency and effectiveness – how does your organization stack up?

Why Is Process Improvement Important For Business?

Lean processes. Fast processes. Customer-centric processes. Many would argue that, along with monitoring an organization’s financials, employee, and customer satisfaction, having an accurate understanding of the efficiency and effectiveness of the most important business processes (think “key” transactions) are among the most vital activities that your organization can focus on.

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Why Work With Us?

Transforming Solutions specializes in Process Improvement and Process Management projects.  These engagements may include examining both the internal and external customer experience (or “journey”) and understanding the “moments that matter.” 

TSI’s Process Improvement approach is unique since we can combine it with a Customer Experience, or “Voice of the Customer” analysis or do the process improvement work independently. Ultimately, our projects will improve important end results that matter, typically in the categories of Cost, Quality, Service, Speed and Compliance.

Transforming Solutions has completed hundreds of Process Improvement projects. This work has spanned a wide variety of industries to improve performance in business, administrative, operational technology-focused areas.  These areas have improved the customer experience, vendor experience, employee experience, and efficiency in the following areas:

What We Do For Process Improvement

Our Process Improvement Approach and Experience leverages our Design Thinking, Re-engineering, Lean, Quality, and Optimization skills. These projects may begin by gaining a focused understanding of the Voice of the Customer and clearly defining the key expectations, a vision and strategic direction of the organization. In other words, we work with you to define your organization’s “unfair advantage”.

From there, we progress into a process mapping and process analysis exercise focused on streamlining and simplifying operations. The end result is a set of deliverables that aim to enable growth and create value.

Each engagement utilizes our proprietary tools and techniques, combined with resident insight and best practices, to quickly assess the organization’s business process performance. 

After the assessment, we create an implementation plan that enables these transformation projects to assist in the reinvention of an enterprise.

From a process methodology standpoint, TSI’s methodology has roots in Hammer and Champy’s Business Process Re-engineering methodology, along with Lean, Continuous Improvement and several others (e.g., DMIAC). Please click here for more information on DMAIC.

Details of our Six-Step Process Improvement approach is provided below:

Step 1 Initiate the Project (Clarify Project Objectives and Outcomes)

Step 2 Define Organizational Context

Step 3 Define Current State Processes

Step 4 Analyze Current State & Technology Gap

Step 5 Define Future State Improved Processes

Step 6 Create a Recommended Action Plan and Implement Recommendations

Our expertise, built upon our unique approach, tools, and techniques, creates a customized solution that allows strategic initiatives to be incorporated into the fabric of an organization.

Tools We Use

TSI uses a variety of tools and techniques to understand and improve the processes. Frequently these include the following:

  • Value Stream Maps
  • Current State Process Maps
  • Future State Process Maps
  • State Change Process Analysis
  • SIPOC Maps and others

Finally, with all of our process improvement engagements, TSI concludes our projects with specific and detailed recommendations that we typically help to implement. In parallel, we define key performance indicators so we can truly, and objectively measure the Cost, Quality, Service, Speed, and Compliance performance measure or metrics.

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