Resource Management

It is more than balancing resource demand against supply…

What is Resource Management?

Resource management is the effective engagement and control of the teams delivering initiatives across the organization. TSI believes resource management is more than the typical view of balancing resource requests against resource availability. While important, especially to each project manager and their ability to plan, effective resource management includes more.

TSI’s Resource Optimization can help to:

For project managers leading your efforts, there should be a defined set of capabilities against which they can measure their growth. After all, project management is a profession, not a clerical function. Procedures and principles should be applied so that everyone is engaged and heading in the same direction concerning expectations. Beyond this, tools help an organization understand capacity and the ability to deliver, in terms of balancing supply and demand.

Balancing supply against demand starts with understanding your capacity. Do you know how much work can be done by your organizations or even by your PM team? Is resource supply based on mathematical models or on-time reporting? Do you understand your teams’ utilization? What expectations have been set about work throughout for individual contributors? These questions (and more) should be addressed before trying to create a balancing model to even demand requests to your ability to deliver.

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Why Work With Us?

We have helped clients navigate through the challenging path of understanding and developing holistic resource management capabilities. Our methods meet the needs of the organization and the needs of the individual project managers.

We have helped scores of companies and higher-education intuitions improve their capabilities with practical and proven practices. We can help your team too.

Our Resource Management services include:

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